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Diced Beef, Freeze Dried - 24 oz - #10 Can

Diced Beef, Freeze Dried  - 24 oz - #10 Can
Diced Beef, Freeze Dried  - 24 oz - #10 Can
Net Weight:
24 oz. (680 g)
Enameled Steel #10 Can
15-20 years
Servings per Container:
Calories per Serving:
Total Calories:
In Stock
Price: $161.00

Pre-cooked, freeze dried diced beef adds delicious protein to any food storage plan. Great for use in any dish that requires cooked beef.

This yummy diced beef will satisfy the meat eaters in your family and is perfect for your long-term food storage needs.  Because it is pre-cooked, it's convenient and simple to use.   Great for long-term storage, emergency preparedness, camping, and more.

Shelf life estimates based on studies from reputable industry sources. Food Storage Guys has no control over your particular storage practices, we cannot accept liability nor can we warranty your individual storage results.

Shelf Life:  Should be stored in cool dark place at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or less, for optimal long-term storage. When stored properly in the enameled can, this product may store for up to 20 years. Once opened, the remaining product should be repackaged for long-term storage.

Processed in a plant that handles dairy, milk, wheat, egg, soy, and tree nut products.

Ingredients: Beef and salt.

Directions: For 1 serving, bring 3/4 cup water to a boil.  Remove from heat and add ½ cup beef dices.  Stir gently.  Cover and let stand 5-10 minutes.   Drain excess water and serve.  Use for hearty beef recipes that require cooked beef.

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