About Food Storage Store

At Food Storage Guys we provide emergency preparedness solutions to all kinds of people that are interested in preparing for an uncertain future.

Who We Are

Located in the beautiful state of Oregon, our mission is to provide fellow Americans with easy and inexpensive food storage.  Since the dawn of man, people have used food storage as a way to insure that their families have a healthy supply of food even during times of scarcity.  With modern transportation and international trade, recent generations have grown up believing that we no longer need to worry about a steady supply of nutritious and tasty food.  A trip to the local grocery store anywhere in the United States of America reinforces that belief as the isles are packed with every food imaginable from around the world.  Unfortunately, the food distribution system in this country is very fragile and has broken down, due to disasters, more often than most people realize. That's why we believe that being a food storage store is an important responsibility in this time period.

What We Do

We providing emergency preparedness and everyday food storage to meet the needs of people of all walks of life. We provide emergency food for hospitals, retirement centers, and other care giving facilities that are required by law to have 4 days of food for their patients and staff.

How We Do It

We are here to help you whether you are looking to save money on everyday meals or storing food for a time down the road. We will do our best to take care of your needs and provide the best quality products we can.