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Backpacking Food

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Wise Vegetarian 3 day
Primary Food Supply
2,800 calories per day
Food Storage Guys are proud to introduce the new Wise Prepper Pack! The Wise Vegetarian 3 Day..
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Wise Vegetarian
Breakfast & Entrées
1,992 calories per day
The Wise Vegetarian 10 day Primary Food Storage bucket will provide one adult with 1,992 calories..
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Refried Beans #10 Can
Precooked Dehydrated Beans that are ready to add water, heat up, and enjoy. Makes for a fast, hea..
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The best kind of backpacking food you can get is freeze-dried backpacking meals. There are many delicious varieties available.

Planning a menu for a weekend trip isn't difficult. You can choose from many types of packets and bags that are compact, light weight, and easy to prepare. For longer than a weekend trips, carrying lots of light weight food is important. The best backpacking food is lightweight, good tasting, packed with calories, and quick to cook or prepare. Each meal type is different. Lunch is tends to be heavier, more bulky, high energy, and fast to prepare. Suppers are usually cooked over a fire or stove as you will be setting up camp and will have that option available. Backpacking food for breakfast consists of about half no-cook and half quick-cook. Hot coco is usually a welcome addition to a breakfast or supper to make the meal more enjoyable.

A final critical aspect of the best backpacking food is that you think it tastes good. This is important on longer trips especially where you will be eating about the same thing for many days. Food is important to your psychological well-being. Delicious backpacking food helps keep you happy during physical stress, even improving the scenery!

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