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1 Year Primary Food Storage

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FSG Supplemental Protein Case Steel Cans
This supplemental animal protein case is designed to enhance one of our plant-based food supplies..
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FSG Vegan 1 year
Primary Food Supply
1930 calories per day
Based on 2 reviews.
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Hand Crank Grain Mill for Grains, Seeds, and Beans
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Bucket Lid Remover Opener Wrench
This wrench does double-duty for water barrels and bucket lid removal. A must when storing water ..
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For your convenience in selecting the most appropriate food storage plan for your family, the Food Storage Guys have organized the primary food storage plans from all the top manufacturers, based on the total number of calories found in each supply.  Now you can compare "apples to apples".

Food Storage Guys Provides Long Term Food Storage Solutions

Prepare for any emergency or disaster with our comprehensive selection of long term food storage solutions. Whether you're stocking up for a year-long supply or just want to ensure you have enough provisions for unforeseen circumstances, we've got you covered. Explore our range of long term food storage containers, buckets, bags, and more to safeguard your family's nutritional needs.

Long Term Food Storage Containers

Invest in durable, airtight containers designed specifically for long term food storage. We have food products packaged in steel cans that are small and easy to manage to 5 gallon buckets with oxygen absorbers in them to which are more economical. Most of our steel cans are 12 cups in size, which is a #10 can, but we also have #2.5 cans which hold 3.5 cups.

Long Term Food Storage List

Not sure where to start? Consult our comprehensive long term food storage list to ensure you have all the essentials for your emergency pantry. Each of our supplies has a list of food items in correct proportions with all the calories counted out so you know you have enough of all the right things. Our long term food storage supplies have a list of grains, legumes, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, seeds, spices and herbs to supply your nutritional needs.

Best Long Term Food Storage

The best long term food storage will depend on what your needs are. We start you out with a basic 1 year food supply and then allow you to add additional food items that you might want which are not included or you want more of. This is done using our Supplemental Supplies section in our Food Storage menu. Choose from Vegetables, Fruits, Beans and Legumes, Grains and Flours, Pasta and Potatoes, Cereals, Meat and Eggs, Dairy, and Sprouting Seeds. We try to provide the best flexibility by starting you with a plant-based supply and allowing you to add your dairy and meat as desired. We have our Protein case which makes it easy to add meat, cheese, milk, and eggs to our 1 year supply.

Long Term Food Storage Companies

Explore offerings from reputable long term food storage companies dedicated to providing high-quality provisions for emergencies. Our partnerships with industry-leading brands ensure you have access to the finest products backed by years of expertise. Food Storage Guys has had to limit our selection down to our own branded supplies because of other suppliers not being able to offer us their food anymore.

Long Term Food Storage Buckets

Secure your food supply with heavy-duty, stackable buckets and cans are designed for long term storage. Our selection of food-grade containers offers maximum protection against moisture, pests, and other environmental factors, keeping your provisions fresh and secure. Our 1 Year Supply has quite a few buckets included to lower the cost of the supply for the amount of food value you receive.

Best Containers for Long Term Food Storage

The best containers for long term food storage are ones that are portable, strong so they can withstand bad weather and rodents, can can be resealed. Both our steel cans which come with sealing plastic leds and our 5 gal plastic buckets meet these requirements. It really comes down to how much of each food item you need to store. Whether you prioritize space-saving designs, portability, or durability, we have options to accommodate every requirement.

Long Term Food Storage Bags

Mylar bags stand out as a top choice for long-term storage packaging. When sealed properly alongside oxygen absorbers, certain foods can maintain their quality for more than 25 years within Mylar bags. If you're new to utilizing this method, here's a comprehensive guide to long-term food preservation using Mylar bags, complete with step-by-step instructions for packing your provisions securely. While Mylar's versatility may not extend to garments, it's an adaptable material indeed. All or our food buckets have mylar bags inside to allow the bucket to be opened without exposing oxygen to the food inside the bag. We also sell mylar bags by themselves so you can store your own food securly.

Originally introduced in the 1950s under the trade name biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate, Mylar found its place in various applications ranging from insulation to solar filters, blueprints, and even kites. In the realm of food storage, Mylar boasts numerous advantages: it's non-porous, impermeable to gas, reflects both light and heat, offers flexibility, durability, and puncture resistance, all while being cost-effective and easy to handle.

Food for a Year

Plan ahead with our selection of long term food supplies designed to sustain you and your family for an entire year. With carefully calculated servings and nutritional balance, our year-long food packages provide peace of mind during uncertain times.

Prepare for the unexpected with our comprehensive range of long term food storage solutions. Whether you're prepping for emergencies or looking to build a sustainable pantry, trust us to provide the tools and resources you need to safeguard your family's well-being. Shop now and embark on your journey towards long term food security.

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