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Enchilada Beans & Rice 85 oz - #10 can
Enchilada Beans & Rice is a great tasting entree. This makes a delicious side dish and is rea..
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Wise Vegan Adventure Meal - Switchback Spicy Asian Style Noodles
Create an easy and tasty meal on the trail with this Ready Wise Switchback Spicy Asian Style Nood..
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Wise Vegan Adventure Meal - Daybreak Coconut Blueberry Multi-Grain Cereal
Each pouch of our Daybreak Coconut Blueberry Multi-Grain contains 2.5 servings and is resealable...
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Wise Entrées Only - 120 Servings
120 Serving lunch and dinner entrée assortment. Does not include breakfast. Only $2.08 per s..
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Wise Entrées Only - 60 Servings
When determining how much food is needed to maintain one's health, it is more important to consid..
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Wise Food Storage Main Entrées for Lunch, Dinner, or Supper. Great variety of choices.

These specialized food kits are designed for emergencies. They are also perfect for camping or hiking. Wise Company provides excellent survival food items and emergency food storage to those that choose to be wise in preparing for their needs in the future. Their dehydrated and freeze-dried food items are designed to last, and they only use healthy, high-quality ingredients to make their entrees and breakfasts. Also, all of their items are packaged using state-of-the-art sealant systems, and many of their survival foods can last for up to 25 years if stored properly. 
While Wise Foods provides a line of long-term food supplies for families, such as year-long food supplies for a large family, they also offer Grab and Go Kits that are great for outdoor use or as backup food supplies for small emergencies. The Grab and Go Kits are lightweight, and the meals are sealed in pouches, which means they are great for carrying in a pack for hiking. It is also advisable for home owners to store at least 3 days of food in case of an emergency, and our 72-hour Kits offers everything you and your family would need if a disaster occurred. It’s not always necessary to stockpile large quantities of food. Sometimes even having a few days worth of goods is all you need to be prepared for any possible emergency event.

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