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3 Month Food Supply

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FSG Gluten-Free Vegan 3 Month Primary Food Supply 1,990 calories per day
For the purpose of comparison to other food storage supplies, this Gluten-Free and vegetarian/veg..
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FSG Supplemental Protein Case Steel Cans
This supplemental animal protein case is designed to enhance one of our plant-based food supplies..
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FSG Vegan 3 Month Primary Food Supply 2,000 calories per day
.images {display:flex; flex-wrap: wrap; max-width:903px;} .images img {display: inline-block..
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FSG Vegan 3 month Organic Staple Supply
#10 Cans + Buckets
Based on 1 reviews.
Certified Organic Food for Long-Term Storage The buckets will be labeled "Natural" rather tha..
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Hand Crank Grain Mill for Grains, Seeds, and Beans
Based on 1 reviews.
body {padding:0; margin:0;} .tab-content {font-family: Raleway,Arial,sans-serif;} ..
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Bucket Lid Remover Opener Wrench
This wrench does double-duty for water barrels and bucket lid removal. A must when storing water ..
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Emergency Food Kits for 3 Months

Putting a kit of emergency food into an area of your home and making a list of everything that is in it attached to it is a great way to be prepared. We provides a nice list of food items and which box they are in with our vegan 3 month emergency food kits making it easy to know what you have in cans and buckets. There are many people who are looking for food kits from Costco, Wise (which is now ReadyWise), Walmart, Mountain House, Glenn Beck, and even Amazon hoping to get something that is both cheap and best tasting but they fail to consider if the food quality and nutritional value are there. They also fail to consider if they are even going to like the spices that the food uses or if it is too spicy for their liking. We do carry ReadyWise food for those that want pre-made meals but our most popular kits are our vegan / plant-based gluten free freeze dried supplies. Those are the ones labeled FSG for Food Storage Guys. Those are the ones we have worked hard to put together and adjust over the years to give you the best nutrition and calories for the price. We also think they are the best tasting emergency food kits because you decide what they will taste like with your own cooking.

Best Emergency Food Supplies

Everyone wants to know who is the best emergency food supplies available and they search through many pages of search engine results hoping that they don't miss a company that has just what they are looking for. They also read lots of reviews hoping to find the secret issues with the different food supplies from places like Augason or Legacy. The best place to find out if the food is any good is to simply read the ingredients list and decide if what is added to the food is really what you want to be eating. In this 3 month food supply category, we have several different options from our own FSG supplies, NW Fork, and ReadyWise for you to compare and decide if the type of food is what you would really want to be eating when there was nothing else around.

One of the first considerations is if the supply is affordable or not. It might look tasty on in the photos or be rated highly but you really should be looking at the list of emergency food supplies in the supply. We believe that companies that are selling disaster food for self sufficient living will soon have issues with selling out like they did in 2020. People waited until we were in the middle of a major crisis before ordering and many had to wait 3-4 months to get their food and many items sold out for the year and were not available. It is best to buy your food when times are slow and you can get your food fast and take your time on deciding what is best for your needs.

Emergency Food Storage for 3 Months

At Food Storage Guys, we believe that emergency food storage is part of the American heritage of self sufficiency and providing for your own. History will show that those that prepared with emergency food storage did not suffer like so many in the cities looking for governments to help them out. As storms and natural disasters are growing in not only frequency but also intensity, having food storage on had is increasingly important and saves lives.

We provide a list of food storage container kits for long term in buckets with great shelf life that still the best tasting because you decide what seasons and sauces you eat it with. Our food storage plans provide guidelines for other items you might want to add to your emergency food storage.

For your convenience in selecting the most appropriate food storage plan for your family, the Food Storage Guys have organized the primary food storage plans from all the top manufacturers, based on the total number of calories found in each supply.  Now you can compare "apples to apples".

You will see the total number of calories provided by each food storage plan in the product title.

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