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Hand Crank Grain Mill for Grains, Seeds, and Beans

Hand Crank Grain Mill for Grains, Seeds, and Beans
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Price: $170.00

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Optional Parts:

Silver Silver Nugget Hand Operated Flour and Seed Mill Made in the USA limited lifetime warranty

The Silver Nugget mill allows you to grind fresh flour from whole grains and beans in your food storage with no electricity required.

Produces commercial grade fine flour that is nutritious, while being easy to turn by hand.

The stones can be infinitely adjusted to change the fineness of the flour produced.

You can grind 1 cup of fine wheat flour in about 2 minute.

whole wheat flour

Solid construction
to last a lifetime

The body is made of cast metal with no paint to scratch or flake off over time. The handle connects to the body with a low tolerance solid brass bushing for tight smooth turning. The auger is all metal and low profile for easy grinding of small and large grains and beans. It is easy to take apart and clean. It comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

back of mill
inside of mill
inside of mill

High quality mill stones to grind all kinds of grains and legumes.

For thousands of years, stones have been used to grind grains, producing wonderfully fine flour. In contrast, commercial flour is typically made using the bolting process, where the grain is rolled, causing the germ oils to adhere to the rollers and be removed from the flour. With stone-ground flour, you retain the entire grain, making it a much healthier option. Our stones, measuring 4 inches in diameter and 3/8 inch thick, are designed to last a lifetime, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of freshly ground flour for years to come.

Mill stones

Large solid hopper

The grain hopper is over one quart in capacity funneling the gain into the auger and just the right speed. It is a permanent part of the mill's one piece design so you don’t no need to worry about it falling off or breaking.

Hopper holds 4 cups of grain.

Mill hopper top
full photo of sun shine nugget grain mill

Optional Accessories

One of the great things about this mill is that you can keep the price low by getting the base mill or add the additional parts if you need them. Everyone wins!

Mill hopper top

Grind seeds/nuts

We have available stainless steel burrs that you can replace the stones with which will allow you to grind seeds, nuts, and high moisture content grains.

Mill hopper top

Clamp it down

There is an optional 3 inch clamp that bolts to the bottom of the mill base that allows for compact easy mounting and unmounting from a table or counter top. It has a hand knob for tightening it down. Works with tables up to 2.5 inchs thick.

Give the mill some power

Motorize your mill to grind flour even faster with an electric drill with a 1/2 inch socket attached to it or attach a 12" to 14" standard pulley wheel to the mill shaft which is 5/8 inch diameter. The bolt that holds on the handle can be threaded back in after removing the handle for use with a 1/2 inch socket. The milling shaft has already been modified with a keyway for easy hookup. The high quality bushings are design for hand or high speed operation.

1/2 inch bolt head. 5/8 inch keyed pulley shaft. Brass bushings.

Mill hopper top

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