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WiseFire Fire Starter - 4 Gallon

WiseFire Fire Starter - 4 Gallon
In Stock
Price: $105.99

The buscket contains 4 gallons of Fire Starter  that out protects, out performs and out lasts other fuel sources and fire starters. With a shelf life of 30 years, it out lasts wood, pressurized fuels, heating oils and coal.

The all natural ingredients makes it people and environmentally friendly. It burns “green” without any risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and vapors such as Benzene. It is so safe that it can be stored near food, and there are no risks of explosions or unexpected fires while in storage. It simply outprotects in comparison to other alternatives.

With just a match, Instafire easily lights and continues to burn with stable, predictable flames. If the disaster involves high winds or wet weather, this Fire Starter will still light and burn.

In addition, the WiseFire provides 180 fires, and yet it only weighs 14 pounds. It is ideal when moving quickly in an emergency or easy on your back when arranging in storage. Overall, WiseFire out does any other comparable product.



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