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PRI-G Gas Treatment and Fuel Preservation 1 Quart PRIG32oz

PRI-G Gas Treatment and Fuel Preservation 1 Quart PRIG32oz
1.5 lb
1 qt
512 g
In Stock

PRI-G is super concentrated complete fuel treatment and restoration that improves any type of gasoline. Store Gasoline Indefinitely by either adding it when it is new to protect it from degrading or restore fuel that has degraded. Power Research Inc. has produced the industries’ best long-term fuel storage treatment.

Gasoline deteriorates and becomes unstable the longer it sits which causes all sorts of damage to engines including disabling engines, plugging filtration systems, damaging engine components with excessive carbon, and the fuel refusing to ignite.

Gasoline can begin to degrade and oxidize a month after it is pumped. During oxidation, fuel molecules become less stable. As fuel oxidizes it can turn to gum and clog jets and other openings in the fuel system, leading to non-starting or poor running conditions.

Ethanol-blended fuel is corrosive and can cause the gradual destruction of the metal used in fuel systems. Corrosion in the fuel system can come from the water and the ethanol. Ethanol-blended fuel is especially corrosive to soft metals found in fuel systems such as brass and aluminum. Ethanol also absorbs water, drawing it into the fuel mixture. Water is highly corrosive to a fuel system. Be sure to store only non-ethanol gasoline to prevent water absorption.

Unopened bottles of this product have indefinite shelf life; once opened, shelf life is 3 years. This product should be stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool place.

This is a great product to have on hand during an emergency or disaster, civil unrest. If you are not able to buy fuel in the future for some reason, using this product with stored fuel can save your life.

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