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Count Your Blessings

August 2, 2022

It's so easy these days to get caught up in the problems of everyday life.  On top of any personal issues one may have, the condition of the world around us often adds to our distress.

The list is endless and it's enough to make a grown man cry.

When we do get wrapped up in this whirlwind of negative events and destructive social trends, it's easy to forget what's really important.  Perhaps we should take a few moments each day, to focus on the miracle that is life.  Every human being on this planet is a living, breathing miracle.  The simple fact that we are conscious and able to use our senses to experience this world is nothing less than astounding!

Regardless of your religious faith, even if you are an atheist and believe that the unfathomably, intricate balance we see throughout the natural world came about by random chance, the very fact that you can consider the question is a miracle.

When we focus our attention on the discouraging news that surrounds us we open our minds to feelings of fear, hate, anxiety, anger, frustration and helplessness.  By concentrating on those emotions and acting from that state of mind, we contribute our own energy to the downward spiral.

On the other hand, it's in our power to concentrate our thoughts on the beauty of our world and the miracle of our existence within it.

I'm not suggesting that we ignore the events of our times and pretend that they don't exist, as knowledge and awareness are critical factors when planning for one's future.   All that's needed is a change in how we perceive the world.

Each of us decides within our own conciousness, where to focus the emotional energy of each moment and how to feel about the world around us as the seconds of our lives tick,tick, tick away.

By focusing on the beauty, being aware of the transcient nature of life and feeling positive emotions like love, compassion, joy and courage, we contribute our energy to the healing powers of our universe and do our part in tipping the scale in the direction of light.

Each of us makes that personal choice every minute of every day whether we like it or not.

For those of us who can't conceive of the idea that this glorious creation is a result of random chance, the choice to feel good is much easier because we can add Hope and Faith to our list of emotions.

We know that our Creator has a plan for us and that He is always there to watch over us.   We know that this life is only a temporary one and our real existence is in eternity.   With this knowledge, it's much easier to view the horrific events of our world as nagging little inconveniences on the road back to our Creator.

Every man and woman, regardless of spiritual beliefs, can chose to spend a few minutes each day, counting his or her blessings.  It's an easy short-cut to feeling good and lending one's spirit to a better world.

About the author: James Brewster
James Brewster

Jim Brewster is a former US Navy Aircrew Combat Cameraman with extensive training in desert, jungle and cold weather survival.  He is a dedicated American patriot whose only king is our Creator.

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