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Is Your Drinking Water Fluoride Free?

April 24, 2013

Sodium Fluoride was first introduced in drinking water by Nazi Germany in their concentration camps as a way to insure the inmates remained docile.  It is now being added to drinking water in most of the major cities throughout the United States despite the fact that drinking it has never been shown to benefit oral health.

If you are reading this, you are most likely already aware of the dangers of ingesting this dangerous chemical.  This article lists the various ways to ensure that your drinking water is free of sodium fluoride.  There are already volumes written about the dangers and the politics behind this insidious plan to poison the people so I won't go into that here.  If you're interested in learning more about the dangers of this toxic chemical, simply do a search for "sodium fluoride".

Method #1:
The simplest and easiest way to drink water without sodium fluoride is to buy distilled or pure spring water from the store.  Be sure to buy only distilled or pure spring water as many brands of bottled water contain sodium fluoride.  Some spring water contains natural calcium fluoride but it is not considered as toxic as sodium fluoride.

Although fairly inexpensive on a short term basis, buying bottled water as a long term plan can become cost prohibitive and there is the added concern of other harmful chemicals leaching into the water from the plastic bottles.  Furthermore, most brands of soda pop are made with water containing sodium fluoride so by drinking those, you're not only drinking fluoride but adding other health risks from corn syrup, aspartame and other sweeteners.

Method #2:
Buy or build a solar still.  This is an inexpensive method of removing not only sodium fluoride but other chemicals and contaminants as well.  Another advantage is that you'll be using solar power rather than electricity so this will work even during a disaster or power outage.

As in any distilling process the water evaporates and is then condensed and stored in a fresh water reservoir.

Method #3:
Buy an electric water distiller.  These are usually available for between $100 and $300 but you can spend more if you want.

The principle is the same as the solar still (Method #2) but requires electricity to operate.  However, depending on the size of your solar still, an electric water distiller will usually produce more pure water in less time.

An electric distiller boils water and collects the vapor on a cooler surface. As it condenses on the cool surface, it drips into a reservoir.  You may have noticed water droplets forming on the lid of a pan when it's placed on a pot of boiling water.  That's the same principal used by an electric distiller. The distilled water is free of most sodium fluoride, chlorine, pathogens and bacteria.

Most of the beneficial minerals will also be removed from the distilled water so you might want to consider a water filter that adds minerals back into the water such as the Zen Water Filter.

Method #4:
For between $200 and $500 you can get a 5 stage reverse osmosis water filter to instal below your sink.  This will filter the water going to that tap and remove 98% of the fluoride and other chemicals such as chlorine.  These are also available in larger sizes to filter water for your entire home.  Of course, the cost is also higher.

Method #5:
Berkey Water Purification Systems are the industry standard for purifying water.  The Black Berkey filtration elements remove the pathogens, bacteria, mold, algae and sediment from any water source including stagnant, standing water.  These gravity fed systems are available for as low as $231.  By adding a set of PF-2 Fluoride Filters you can also remove 95% of the fluoride from your drinking water.

Method #6:
If money is no object, you might consider picking up an atmospheric water generator (AWG).  Similar in size and shape to the office water cooler without the bottle, the AWG works like a dehumidifier.  Moisture is taken from the air and accumulated in a reservoir and run through a 5 stage filter (see Method #4).  Finally the water goes through an ultra violet (UV) filter.  The generator heats and cools the water as well.  Although comparatively expensive at $1,000 to $2,000, this is the one of the best methods to enjoy clean pure water.

Method #7:
The most expensive method of all is also among the best for many reasons.  That is to buy land in a rural area and drill a well.  Water from an underground water table is usually very clean and won't contain more than trace amounts of sodium fluoride if any.  It may contain naturally occurring calcium fluoride but calcium fluoride has not been shown to have the same negative health effects as sodium fluoride which is a byproduct of aluminum manufacturing.

Method #8:
I'm proud to say that I've never voted for a winning political candidate though I have been politically active most of my life and never missed an opportunity to vote.  Although becoming politically active may prove to be a waste of time, the absolute best way to get fluoride out of your drinking water would be to convince your local government not to put sodium fluoride into the water in the first place.

About the author: James Brewster
James Brewster

Jim Brewster is a former US Navy Aircrew Combat Cameraman with extensive training in desert, jungle and cold weather survival.  He is a dedicated American patriot whose only king is our Creator.

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