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Save Big by Making Your Own Laundry Soap

May 23, 2013

You may not have considered laundry soap to be expensive but over a year's time it can really add up. Also, if you are preparing for an uncertain future, storing several years supply of laundry soap can be quite expensive. One way you can be more self-reliant and independent is by making and storing your own laundry soap.

My wife and I have done this for several years now and have been quite satisfied with the results. We have also saved hundreds of dollars on soap. Here are some instructions to allow you to save big and feel proud of what you are able to do.

The basic ingredients you will need for making powdered laundry soap are; Borax, washing soda, and Fels Naptha Soap.

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral which is good for cleaning, whitening, and deodorizing. One of the most popular brands of borax is made by 20 Mule Team and usually comes in 76 oz. boxes. You usually have to do a little searching to find a store that sells it. If they do carry it, they usually will have the other ingredients as well. Here in Oregon, the Fred Meyer chain of stores carries all the ingredients.

Washing soda which should not to be confused with baking soda is sodium carbonate which looks similar to baking soda. It is used to remove dirt and odors. A common brand is Arm & Hammer that can usually be found in your local laundry aisle.

The last ingredient you need is Fels Naptha soap. Fels Naptha is a brand of soap that's been around for a long time and has been used for pre-treating stains on clothing. It comes packaged in paper similar to bar body soap. The original Fels-Naptha which was developed by Joseph Fels around 1893, was designed as a home remedy for treating contact dermatitis caused by exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, and other oil-transmitted organic skin-irritants.

You want to start by grating up three bars of Fels Naptha into a large bowl or container. Use the finest grater you have available. Add to that one box, 55 oz., of washing soda. Next add one box, 76 oz., of borax. Mix all the ingredients together well. Use one tablespoon for small loads and two tablespoons for large loads.

It costs about $11 to make a batch up that should last a medium sized family about a year.

About the author: Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin

I run a web development business located in the hills of Sweet Home, OR. I am interested in health, Christianity, gardening, and storable food.

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