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Blueberries, Dehydrated - 11 oz - #2.5 Can

Blueberries, Dehydrated - 11 oz - #2.5 Can
11 oz
20 years
#2.5 Can
Serving Size:
0.5 Cups
Calories in Can:
In Stock

Our dehydrated blueberries taste great right out of the can. These berries can be used in any recipe calling for blueberries. They are whole sized and have multiple uses plus, like fresh blueberries, they pack powerful antioxidents.  Dehydrated blueberries can be used in breakfast foods, cookies, pies, and can be used to make a tangy blueberry salsa. The possiblities are endless with what can be done with this small berry that packs a powerful flavor. Use them in your morning smoothies to give you a kick start in the morning. Throw them in plain cereals to add a little color and some flavor. These are great to have in your long term storage. They add color and flavor to anything you put them in.

Ingredients: Blueberries.

11 oz. (311 g) 5 servings

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