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Emergency Food

Cooking over a campfire

As we’ve all discovered over the past few years, emergencies happen. Most of us also realize that being better prepared for an emergency could save our lives and the lives of our family members. It could be another pandemic, an earthquake, a flood, a tornado, or even a local conflict. The best way to stay prepared for a disaster is to stock up on emergency food supplies.

Best Emergency Food Supplies

The best emergency food supplies for you, depend to a degree, on what you normally eat. if you are used to preparing your meals from scratch and enjoy food preparation, the best emergency food supply might include bulk food items such as rice, beans, wheat-berries, yeast, sugar, and the like. On the other hand, if you are used to eating easy-to-prepare meals and fast food, the best emergency food supply for you would be ready-mixed, individually packaged meals that can be prepared in minutes.

 Either way, Emergency food supply kits are available to fit your needs. At Food Storage Guys, you can stock up on pre-packaged meals, stored in mylar bags and sold in re-sealable buckets or you can also find bulk items that allow you to use your recipes to prepare meals similar to what your family eats every day. We recommend some of each kind of emergency food be included in your supplies.

The pre-packaged meals are easily and quickly cooked, which means much less work when you need to prepare a meal during an emergency. And don't forget, modern packaging of emergency food allows you to easily store them in your garage, closet, or even the trunk of your car.
Fire, flood, earthquake and tornado
So, as you can see, you don't have to be someone who fears Armageddon to make the rational decision to keep a supply of emergency food on hand. The fact that high-calorie meals are available in compact, easy-to-cook packaging means that emergency food supplies make great choices for camping, backpacking, and other adventures.

Planning Your Emergency Food Kit

Important considerations when selecting your emergency food kit are how long it will last (3 days, one week, three months, six months, one year), the number of calories you need to survive each day, and how many different meals you would like to include. Perhaps the most important consideration will be taste. You won't get the energy you need to survive if you don't enjoy eating the food. So it's important to experiment with your emergency food supply before you find yourself in an emergency.

We recommend that people cook from their emergency supplies once or twice a month or even more. That way, you'll find your favorite pre-packaged meals and you can order extras of those you like most. If you're cooking your meals from bulk supplies, you have a chance to experiment with spices and flavoring while learning the most efficient way to rehydrate the food. When an emergency rears its ugly head, you won't miss a beat as you begin using your long-term food supply. This is also a great way to ensure that your long-term storage never expires. Even though most of the food available on Food Storage Guys will last for twenty-five years or more, when stored properly, rotating your food supply with regular use, ensures that your supply will never expire. Stress is one of the most difficult things to overcome when facing an emergency. Knowing your food supply reduces your stress.

Keeping emergency food supplies has been common among serious outdoor adventurers and campers for decades, but recently the average American is expressing more interest due to the increasing threat of food shortages. Canned foods are one option for storing food, but because they are fully hydrated, they are heavy, and their shelf life is only around two to five years. Survival food, on the other hand, is specifically designed to store for up to 30 years, and because the food is dehydrated, the food kits are lightweight and easy to transport in an emergency.

When planning your food storage, you must also consider the dietary restrictions you or members of your family have. Here at Food Storage Guys, you will find vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food kits as well as options for meat and eggs. Regardless of the kind of food in your supply, always ensure that you store it according to the instructions. Whether you are keeping food for a potential emergency or preparing for an outdoor adventure, Food Storage Guys have the best food kit for your needs.

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