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Whole Powdered Eggs 48 oz #10 can 108 Eggs

Whole Powdered Eggs 48 oz #10 can 108 Eggs
Whole Powdered Eggs 48 oz #10 can 108 Eggs
5-10 years
In Stock

These are 100% pasteurized dried whole egg solids in powder form. You have make scrambled eggs or use in baking like in cookies, breads, or cakes.

Should be stored in cool dark place at 60 degrees F or less for storage.

Packaged in a plant that handles milk, wheat, eggs, soy, and tree nut products.

Directions:  For each egg, use 2 ½ tbs. powder to 2 ½ tbs water.   For baking, it is not necessary to reconstitute.  Blend dried whole eggs with other ingredients and add water with other liquid in recipe.   Use in cookies, sweet doughs, cake mixes, egg noodles, and any recipe calling for whole egg.


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