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Wise All Meat Supply - 240 Servings

Wise All Meat Supply - 240 Servings
Mylar Pouches in Buckets
Shelf Life:
15+ Years
Total Servings:
Total Calories:
Reconstitution Time:
10-15 min.
Food Type:
Real Meat
In Stock
Price: $509.99

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale: Get a FREE Five Day Emergency Survival Kit with purchase of this food supply.

240 servings of assorted gourmet seasoned freeze dried meat + 80 bonus servings of long-term emergency rice.  These assorted meats can be mixed with an entrée to enhance the heartiness and flavor of your meal or served with the bonus rice to replace your main entrée.

The 240 Serving All Meat supply is meant as a supplemental food supply to add taste, variety and caloric content to your primary food supply.  With 240 meat servings plus 80 servings of bonus rice, this supply provides 33,040 calories and will enhance one adult diet, with 2 meat servings per day, for 120 days (4 months).

By enhancing or replacing your main entrées, you will need to eat fewer servings from your primary food supply.  For example, if you need 8 or 9 servings from the primary supply to total 2,000 calories, you can replace 2 servings per day with these delicious, nutritious meat dishes and stretch the duration of your primary food supply while adding taste, variety and important nutrients.

Only $1.96 per serving!
(plus FREE bonus rice servings)

Save $48 with FREE SHIPPING!*

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*FREE SHIPPING applies to the Continental United States only.  Please call 888-683-5507 when ordering for Hawaii, Alaska and International destinations.

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