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Bread Making Kit

Bread Making Kit
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Price: $399.00
This kit has the essential items you need to make fresh whole wheat bread during a survival situation or power outage. When the trucks stop running and the grocery stores run out of bread, you can make your own. Or if you just want healthy true whole wheat bread rather than the fake whole wheat bread that has the wheat germ removed, this is a great option as well. Grind your own flour and enjoy the fresh taste of home made bread. You can also grind beans and other grains for making healthy and delicious waffles, muffins, and pancakes.
This kit comes with two buckets of whole white wheat grain, a silver nugget hand crank grain mill, 1 lb of active dry yeast, and a cookbook on making breads with yeast. It even shows you how to grow your own yeast when you run out. The book explains all about growing yeast starter which is great long term survival.
Here is a sample of the cookbook.
The grain mill comes with the table clamp to make it easier to use.
The white wheat is a different type of wheat from red wheat that has no major genes for bran color. An easy way to think of it is as a sort of albino wheat. The bran of white wheat is not only lighter in color but it’s milder in flavor, making whole white wheat more appealing to many people accustomed to the taste of refined flour. Experts consider red and white wheat wheat to be the same nutritionally. 
White wheat does not contain the strongly-flavored phenolic compounds that are in red wheat. This gives white wheat a milder flavor, and also means that products made with white wheat require less added sweetener to attain the same level of perceived sweetness.
The grain mill has a one piece strong cast metal body with high quality mill stones. Produces commercial grade fine flour while being easy to turn by hand. The grain hopper is over one quart in capacity and is a permanent part of the mill’s one piece design. A pan fits easily under the stones to catch the flour as it is milled. Its special bearings extend the life of the mill by eliminating excessive wear of the drive shaft. An electric motor can be attached for faster and easer milling. Easily adjustable from corse to fine. Easily cleaned by loosening and removing the stones, then brushing out the milling chamber. Compact design for easy storage and lightweight for moving. Comes with a LIFETIME limited warranty

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