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Oxygen Absorbers Pack of 50, 500 cc Large Size

Oxygen Absorbers Pack of 50, 500 cc Large Size
Oxygen Absorbers Pack of 50, 500 cc Large Size
Packets in item:
500 CC
In Stock

To Use: Fill your mylar bag with dried food, insert an oxygen absorber, heat seal the bag with a warm iron or industrial sealer. Place sealed bags in a protective containers such as our plastic buckets for storing long term.

Oxygen absorbers are great for protecting dry foods in bags, jars, or canisters. These 500 CC packets are perfect for use with 1 gal bags. The number of packets to use depends on the weight of the food stored which related to the amount of air in the food.

Oxygen absorbers are small pouches that contain iron powder. As the iron reacts chemically with oxygen it removes it from the air. These packet will remove oxygen to below .01%. They are safe to use with food. The packets become warm when they are working and take around four hours to absorb their rated maximum amount. This package has a pink tablet which will change in color when activated.

These absorbers should either be used right away after opening the plastic package they are in or place the unused packets in a freezer-grade zip lock bag for use later.

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