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Applesauce, Dehydrated - 44 oz - #10 Can

Applesauce, Dehydrated - 44 oz - #10 Can
Applesauce, Dehydrated - 44 oz - #10 Can
44 oz
20 years
#10 Can
Serving Size:
0.5 Cups
Calories Per Serving:
Total Calories:
In Stock

Dehydrated Applesauce is great in baking for an oil replacement, in cereal like oatmeal, or eaten as a side. This product can be rehydrated and used as applesauce to eat. This will be handy for families with very young children. Applesauce is great to use in cooking because it can replace the butters and fats in your cooking. It adds flavor and moisture to products that it is added to.  Applesauce can also be used to coat meats for roasting which is sure to spice up any roast that it is added to. Applesauce can be added to yogurt or to your morning oatmeal to give it that lovely fall flavor of apple and spice. And if you just are craving the taste of apple and you do not want to deal with the hard textures of apples, then applesauce is the way for you to go.

Packaged in a steel enameled can with oxygen absorber inside.

Ingredients:  Dehydrated apple granules, sodium as preservative, and calcium stearate used as a flow agent.

Directions:  Add water to cover 1/2 cup sauce and let stand.  Best if refrigerated overnight. More liquid may be needed for desired texture.  Sugar and cinnamon may be added. Yields 1 cup. May be eaten as applesauce or used in baking.

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