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Shipping Delay

How Quickly Will My Order Ship?


Our food items are in high demand right now and the manufacturer is working overtime to pack and ship out the orders as fast as they can. However, packing required a lot of time and effort as the supplies are not pre-packed but canned and put together as the orders come in.

As people are realizing that they are not prepared when they should have been because of the covid-19 virus, many are trying to secure a food supply at the last minute. This is causing long delays because of the large amount of orders that are currently needing to be processed.

The longer you wait to order, the longer it will take to process it as demand is increasing. Food Storage Guys is committed to helping as many people as possible by keeping our prices at our standard low amount.

Currently vegan and vegetarian food supplies are taking up to 3-4 weeks to fulfill and be shipped. Small orders can take as little as 3 days to process before shipping.


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