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Survival Kits

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Survival Herbal Pack
This herbal tincture set and salves is a great package for any preparedness situation.  This..
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Wise Meat 1 wk.
Primary Food Supply
2,260 calories per day
The Wise Meat 7-Day Primary Food Supply Kit provides one adult with 2260 calories per day for 7 f..
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Organic Food Storage
Based on 3 reviews.
Be prepared for any emergency with our Organic Food Storage vegetarian preparedness bucket. Each ..
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Wise 2-Week Essential Survival Kit
Based on 1 reviews.
Provides One Adult | All Essential Survival Needs | Includes Food For 2 Weeks   • Be..
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Wise 2-Week Deluxe Survival Kit
Based on 1 reviews.
Provides One Adult | All Survival Needs | Includes Food For 2 Weeks   • Be Prepared ..
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How many of huricane Sany's Vistims wish they had been prepared for a disaster

The perfect Grab 'n' Go Survival Kit.  All your emergency needs in one easy to carry backpack.  Keep one in your car, your office and your home so you are always prepared for the unexpected. Survival Kits are great for being prepared for hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and other emergencies or disasters. As we watch the steady trend of events in our world today, we recognize that there are more and more disasters and emergency situations happening as time progresses. Most of the time you don't know when a disaster is about to strike so it is important to be prepared by having the items you will need ready to go in a backpack. Disasters can require you to evacuate you home, work, school, or other public place. There is usually little time to think about all the things you might need when it's time to evacuate. If you are under stress, you could easily forget essential survival supplies like a first-aid kit, knife, radio, matches, compass, or a tent. Having a kit like the ones we have for sale could actually save your life. We hope you will never have to use it, but don't be like so many that waited too long to get prepared. You should have emergency supplies on hand just in case. You don't know what could happen. If things get chaotic you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are taken care of.

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