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Pineapple Pieces, Freeze Dried - 11 oz - #10 Can

Pineapple Pieces, Freeze Dried - 11 oz - #10 Can
11 oz
25 years
#10 Can
Serving Size:
0.25 Cup
Calories Per Serving:
Total Calories:
In Stock

Our freeze dried pineapple pieces bring a taste of summer into your home. This fruit has multiple uses, from adding to cereal, muffins, pan cakes, or making smoothies and fruit sauce with. Freeze dried pineapple can be used like fresh pineapple. Just take the desired amount and add water. They can be eaten plain or added to any recipe that calls for pineapple.

Ingredients:  Freeze dried pineapple pieces made from sun ripened whole pineapples.  No preservative added. Non GMO. Naturally gluten free product. *Note: Due to the small nature of these pieces, there will be crushed freeze dried pineapple powder mixed in with the freeze dried pineapple pieces.*

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