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Organic Food Storage

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Natural Hulled Millet - 43 lb - 6 gal Bucket
Natural non-certified organically grown chemical-free hulled millet grain for long-term food stor..
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Natural Quick Rolled Oats - 23 lb - 6 gal Bucket
Natural chemical-free non-certified organically grown quick rolled oats grain for long-term food ..
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Natural Amaranth - 88 oz - #10 can
Natural Non-Certified Organically grown amaranth grain for long-term food storage. Amaranth m..
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Natural Spelt - 85 oz - #10 can
Natural Non-Certified Organically grown spelt grain for long-term food storage. Grind for flo..
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Natural Hard White Wheat - 88 oz - #10 can
Natural Non-Certified Organically grown hard white wheat grain for long-term food storage. Gr..
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Organic Food Storage
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Be prepared for any emergency with our Organic Food Storage vegetarian preparedness bucket. Each ..
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Most people don't truly understand why organic is so important. Most people believe that organic food means food that is grown without pesticides. While some pesticides are worrisome, most are no more harmful than the pesticides that plants produce themselves. The important part of organic food is the type of soil that the plants are grown in and how they are cared for. The idea of organic gardening is to feed the soil microbes and enrich the soil with sources of minerals. The most important thing that farmers can do is to build up essential soil flora and fauna. The reason that this is important is that the soil microbes are the ones that dissolve the minerals from rocks and sand and make them available to the plants. When the plants have what they need to be healthy, they produce better tasting food and contain more vitamins, minerals, and other plant chemicals that prevent disease in the people who eat them. Organic also means no GMO foods. There is more and more research revealing that GMO crops cause health problems and are only around to provide companies, like Monsanto, exclusive and patentable seeds so they can make more money. Organic farmers will also use important soil management practices like mulching which will add organic matter to the soil and prevent erosion from washing away nutrients that the plants need.

When it comes to your family's emergency food supply, choosing healthy organic food will ensure that you won't be compromising your values or health no matter the circumstance. We believe that what you eat is important for preppers who are preparing to survive short and long term. Survival food should be just as healthy as the food you eat today.

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