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FSG Vegan 3 month Organic Staple Supply #10 Cans + Buckets

FSG Vegan 3 month Organic Staple Supply
#10 Cans + Buckets
Shelf Life:
25 years
Calories Per Day:
1670 c
Total Calories:
150,284 c
Total Weight:
105 lb
1 Person:
3 months
2 People:
1.5 months
4 People:
23 days
In Stock
Price: $375.00

Certified Organic Food for Long-Term Storage

The buckets will be labeled "Natural" rather than "Organic" because Organic is a copyrighted term and can't be used on a product label without paying for the rights.

For the purpose of comparison to other food storage supplies, this Vegan Staples 3 month Food Supply provides one adult with 1670 calories per day for 90 days.

These food items will stay good for up to 25 years if stored at 35° to 70° F. Higher tempuratures will shorten the life of the food. Certain items in the supply have a shorter shelf life and are labeled in the food list below.

This primary food supply is for people wanting a healthy plant based food supply for emergencies or disasters.

This supply provides the versatility of cooking your own meals the way you like them.

Each metal can comes with a plastic lid that once the can is opened can be use to reseal the can for continued use up to a year after opening the can.

The food-grade plastic buckets have air tight gasketed lids. The food inside the bucket is also inside a mylar bag with oxygen obsorbers in it.

Vegan Food Supply for 3 months is for vegans or plant based diet individuals or families wanting a supply of emergency food storage for one person or a 1.5 month supply for two people. It provides the versatility of cooking your own meals by including baking and cooking staples. 

Our supply contains grains and beans.

Items List

Title Qty Container
Natural Quinoa 1 85 oz #10 Can
Natural Regular Rolled Oats 1 20 lb 5 gal bucket
Natural Hard Red Wheat 1 36 lb. 5 gal
Natural Pinto Beans 1 34 lb. 5 gal


Out of stock items will ship to you at a later date when they are available again.

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