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Vegan food supply and vegan emergency food

November 18, 2012

A food supply for living in the country

As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian that is interested in following the best diet for man, I have not found any vegan emergency food supply kits for sale. In the near future, the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one. We should begin new to put into action the instruction given us over and over again. "Get out of the cities into rural districts, where the houses are not crowded closely together, and where you will be free from the interference of enemies." (Country Living, p18).

Part of living in the country and preparing for times when buying and selling will be difficult, is to learn to store food and use it. Leaning how to grow your own stored food and learning how preserve it for the rest of the year requires diligences and perseverance. As you are building your skills in growing and preserving food I recommend purchasing shelf stable foods that you can learn to use in cooking meals. It is not wise to rely on your local supermarket for your day to day meals as the time of the end is upon us.

What types of vegan food to store

I recommend supplementing what you can grow and store yourself with freeze dried and dehydrated vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans. This will teach you to manage your food supply for a year at a time and give you time to learn to cook this your stored food. There are many great vegan food recipes and vegetarian recipes available. Many people want to know what vegan foods have protein. Although protein is important in the diet, many people eat much more protein in their diet than is needed or healthy.

Vegan emergency food

There are many vegans looking for vegan food companies to allow filling vegan meals for vegan emergency food. There will be many times in the future when disasters strike, especially in large cities, when having vegan emergency food will be need to sustain your family.

In preparing a plant based and vegan food supply for your family to live on in good times and bad, it is important to look for quality ingredients so you and your family will not become sick and weak. As more and more disasters and emergencies are happening in our world, it is important to store up vegan survival food with a vegan emergency food supply that you can keep on hand for many years to come and also to start integrating the foods into your diet.

Why store vegan or plant based foods

When our first parents were instructed on what they should eat by God, it was intended for the entire race. It is against His plan to have any creature killed to supply our needs. There was to be no death in the newly created world. Fruit trees in the garden were to supply all that man required. It was not until after the great flood of Noah's time that God gave permission to eat clean animals. This was because everything that people could subsist on was distorted. But it is important to note that animal food is not the most healthful to eat. Soon after the flood, the human rase rapidly began to decrease in stature and length of life.

Since the 1800s, God's people have been reminded that the best diet for man is plant based excluding those foods that come from animals. In the 1940's the term vegan was coined by Donald Watson to mean non-dairy and eggs vegetarian. Veganism is growing movement in the secular world. Seventh-day Adventists have started calling their non-dairy and non-eggs vegetarian diet as a plant based diet to differentiate from Veganism. Adventists who follow a plant based diet typically use honey and don't have a problem with wearing leather.

About the author: Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin

I run a web development business located in the hills of Sweet Home, OR. I am interested in health, Christianity, gardening, and storable food.

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