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Tyrants Always Have A Plan. Do You?

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Will You Turn In Your Guns To Feed Your Family?

Throughout history, tyrants have viewed an armed populace as a major obstacle to their plans for domination.  They know that sending hoards of armed thugs with badges to confiscate weapons from free people is a fool's errand.  They also know that controlling the food supply of a nation is much easier and a far more effective strategy.  Hungry people will trade their weapons for food.  Will you be one of them?

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Food Storage

There Has Never Been A More Critical Time For Food Security.

When 20% of the American people worked in agriculture and everyone stored food, controlling the food supply was a greater challenge than it is today.  Now our food is grown on huge corporate farms and shipped to your local grocery store from around the globe and fewer than 2% of the American people work on farms.  It doesn't take much to disrupt this fragile food supply chain so having a supply of non-perishable food is the only way to ensure that your family will eat no matter what.


Family enjoying food storage.

Average, common-sense folks from all walks of life realize the need to be prepared.

You don't have to be a "doomsday prepper" or a "hardcore survivalist" to understand the importance of food storage.  Everyone who has set aside enough of life's basic necessities to survive unassisted, for a minimum of two weeks, understands the calm assurance that comes with being prepared.


Great tasting, easy to prepare meals at HALF the cost of fast food.

Taste it and you'll want to eat it everyday!

Most people who buy freeze-dried and dehydrated food for emergency storage end up re-ordering month after month because the food tastes so good they eat it on a regular basis.

It just makes sense.  When you can feed your family delicious, nutrutious food that they love, at less than HALF the cost of fast food AND prepare it in less than 20 minutes, why wouldn't you eat it everyday?



Why Buy From the Food Storage Guys?

We offer a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE.  You can shop with confidence knowing that if you find a lower advertised price for any item we sell, you have 10 full days from the date of purchase to notify us and we'll match that price.

You get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50.

Most importantly, we want to help you get prepared.  It's not just our business, it's our passion.  There's no greater blessing for us than to help our friends find the peace-of-mind that comes from being prepared.  With decades of food storage and survival experience, we're here to help with your food storage concerns.


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Food Storage Kits ranging from One Month to Six Months.  These kits are designed to provide One Adult with an average of 2000 calories per day.

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Never worry about a supply of clean, fresh drinking water. Purify water from any source, even stagnant ponds! We carry Water Purifiers to fit every budget.

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Always have power for lights and electrical appliances. We have solar power generators for every job. You can even sell power back to your local power company!

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Stay warm and comfortable through even the most severe blizzard with a heavy-duty, canvas Wall Tent and Wood Burning Stove.

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